Explore, believe, be alive

Together with God


A church where you feel at home

A welcoming church
A family oriented towards others
A church where you can grow at your own pace
A church where praying prevails over judging


A music that finds its roots in the Bible

Songs that express our relationship to God
A message of hope
A life-changing message


Come as you are. Let the love of God transform you

A church where we openly share about God and the Bible, without any taboos
A church where we can walk together
A church where you feel welcome, whatever your past or your beliefs
A church where the teaching of the Bible is accessible and relevant for our daily lives
A church where we live authentic relationships
A church centered on Christ

What's more...

Our specificities

Welcome to our unique and welcoming environment!
We wish to make the Gospel accessible and relevant for today.
A gospel choir sings with vibrant enthusiasm.
All are invited to join in.

Let’s discover God together.

A church for those who do not believe in the Church anymore but who are still keeping faith.

A church for those who have a problem with religiosity, but who have no problem with God.

A church where we can share what we believe to be true without being presumptious or contemptuous of other people’s beliefs.

A church where people are accepted and loved whatever their personal beliefs.

A church created for those who feel that Heaven is remaining silent in the face of growing suffering.

A church for those who are not used to going to church anymore!


Let’s learn how to walk by faith.

Let’s discover the power and relevance of the Bible for our lives.

Let’s live the Gospel of peace, the Gospel of Jesus-Christ.