Come and join us every Sunday (except in the middle of school holidays and in case of special events)

What time?

Our Gospel Celebration starts at 4:00 pm


Loft La Serre

32 rue Guy Moquet

Malakoff (92)

Access by car

The Loft is located 2km away from Porte de Chatillon – Paris


Get off at the “Malakoff – Etienne Dolet ” stop.

5 minutes walking up the street Guy Moquet to the church

Where to park

Free parking on site

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Why is there no celebration in the middle of school holidays?

Our challenge is to live the church differently, without every ceasing to be the church!

We believe that the church is not a place, nor a few walls, but the gathering of men, women and children who want to connect with God, sing, listen to Him, reflect, give Him thanks… wherever they may be.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these “free” Sundays to invite some people over or share a time of celebration, prayer or reading of the Bible with your family.

Why is our church located on a loft ?

Why not! 

This is a warm and welcoming place that allows us to sing gospel music without being a nuisance to our neighbors.

This is also a suitable environment for our Gospel Celebrations that allows a favorable atmosphere for personal and communal spiritual journeys.

This is a comfortable, one-of-a-kind venue to invite your friends and spark our visitors’ curiosity!

Why do we sing Gospel music in English?

Gospel music comes from North America.

These songs were mostly written with the sounds of the English language in mind.

It is also a great way for us to improve our skills in this universal language, and the songs are always translated to facilitate our understanding of the lyrics.

We humbly aknowledge that a local church cannot meet the specific needs and expectations of everyone.

Of course we will always welcome all our visitors, whatever their life experience, personal history… or voice!

The choice we made is related to the specific DNA of our church: we love gospel music, we love to share it with others, we love to know more about God (especially through the lyrics of these songs) and we specifically love to welcome choir members from the Paris Gospel Choir.

Making a choice always implies that you will include some people while excluding others: many people like singing gospel music in English, while others don’t. It is attractive for some while unfortunately it is frowned upon by others. But whoever you are, we still hope that you will appreciate our times of worship in English.

What happens during a Gospel Celebration?

You can join us for coffee, refreshments and social chat at 3:45pm.

Our Gospel Celebration lasts an hour and a half.

We sing gospel music, with the support of My Gospel Choir.

Our Gospel Celebrations are interactive.

In a friendly atmosphere, we share together, learn how to pray, reflect on the Bible, listen in order to understand the Bible better, share the bread and wine to remember what Jesus did for us.

Together, we live the church with enthusiasm, simplicity and authenticity.

How to contact the Gospel Kids leaders

Stéphanie K + 33

Mathilde  + 33

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Making a donation?

  • you can make a donation (check or cash only) in the offering basket that you will find on your way out.
  •  you can make a bank transfer – Banque Postale PARIS IDF
  • you can write a check payable to My Gospel Church FM