To have FAITH in God means


We believe that we need to spend time with God to know Him
so that our faith in Him will grow and deepen.

The Bible reveals that Jesus is “the image of the invisible God.”

My Gospel Church’s calling is to be as accessible and welcoming as it can be so that everyone can get to know God, especially through Jesus’ biography*.

Our calling is also to make Him “visible” to help our faith in Him grow and thrive.

*the Gospels

* les Evangiles

A Protestant church

As a protestant church, the Bible is at the very center of our personal lives as well as the life of our church. We want to deepen our knowledge of God our Creator as He is revealed in the Bible. We believe that the Bible was divinely inspired from beginning to end; in it we find the counsel of God for our lives which we want to put into practice, relying fully on God and His Holy Spirit to guide us.

An evangelical church

The Gospels reveal who Jesus-Christ is.

The message of the Gospel is a power that is strong enough to radically change the lives

of those who repent and put their faith in what Jesus-Christ did for them.

It’s good news that can change our lives forevermore!


Christian church

We believe that no one is born a Christian.

We become a Christian as we personally decide to follow Christ, of our own free will.

As Christians, freedom of speech when it comes to our faith is crucial.

To become a Christian is a process during which we acknowledge

Jesus as our “savior”, who died for our sins and resurrected for our salvation.

This process goes hand in hand with repentance (which is a sincere regret over the evil we committed)

and the choice to obey (“follow Jesus”), which will inevitably lead to a global change in our lives.

We believe that when we born again, the Holy Spirit regenerates us.

Becoming a Christian is expressed publicly through baptism, which is the external sign of our new life with God.


Gospel music

Gospel music is at the center of our weekly celebrations. It has deep spiritual roots, requires our whole being and touches us in our bodies, minds and spirits. The lyrics of these songs are inspired from the Bible and teach us truths about God. Through rhythmic as well as more solemn songs, we can express a wide variety of feelings to God. Gospel music finds its roots in the history of slavery, which today symbolizes a more global fight against all forms of exclusion. This is also how we would like to share these songs of freedom and hope for everyone, as we also give back all our thankfulness to God.