We are embarking on a new spiritual journey. Because it is time-consuming to plant My Gospel Church as well as lead the Paris Gospel Choir, I have decided to reduce my work hours to part-time so that I have more time to develop the calling that God entrusted to me.

We need your financial support and your generosity.

To dedicate ourselves fully to others

We need you!

Support our pastor and his family

How it all started

“Thanks to the Paris Gospel Association, hundreds – sometimes even thousands – of Parisians can sing gospel music throughout the year and discover the depth of this message full of hope.  

In September 2014, we started planting My Gospel Church along with a team. Through this church, we wish to give people, especially those who love gospel music, the opportunity to know the Gospel of Christ. People like the fact that they can learn more about God in a facilitating and attractive environment, especially the choir members who want to explore their spirituality outside of choir rehearsals.

Since we launched My Gospel Church, more than 350 people have already come to visit us. Dozens of friends who regularly attend our weekly celebration are moving forward in their journey with God, each at their own pace, with the help of     our church. These past 9 months, we had the joy of leading 10 adults to baptism. Today, it has become obvious that we need to get involved even more in this mission.”

How will we use your donations?

Your donations will make it possible for our family to meet their needs. Our goal is to get the equivalent of a half-time pay – based on a full salary – through our developing church; indeed since the beginning of the school year, Matthieu has reduced his work hours to part-time, which amounts to a 60% loss of monthly income.

Support our pastor and his family

A pastor and his team

A team of 15 also joined us on this exciting spiritual journey.